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Welcome to the Minnesota Archaeological Society Website! The Minnesota Archaeological Society (MAS) invites you to share with us exciting discoveries from Minnesota's past. The Society, established in 1936, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and study of archaeological resources in the Upper Midwest. All persons with an interest in archaeology - those just beginning to explore the field as well as avocational archaeologists and professionals - are welcome. MAS is a doing organization. Members volunteer their time and energy to participate in Society programs, helping to protect Minnesota's rich heritage and learning something about themselves in the process. Society activities include:  
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The MAS Thunderbird Curious about our logo? The inscriptions on the right are from a 1,000-year-old pot that was discovered in 1957 near Red Wing, Minnesota by an MAS member. The thunderbird motif is representative of Middle Mississippian iconography. 
- Slide lectures on current fieldwork and research in archaeology, anthropology and history. Past topics have included Minnesota's Old Copper Culture and ethnoarchaeology in East Africa. - Classes in fieldwork methods and artifact analysis, taught by professional archaeologists from government and private organizations. - Opportunities to take part in field projects sponsored by MAS and other Minnesota organizations. - Field trips to important archaeological sites, such as Jeffers Petroglyphs in western Minnesota and Effigy Mounds National Park in Iowa. - Participation in special events such as Minnesota Archaeology Week and the Midwest Archaeological Conference. - Social events - potluck dinners, brown-bag lunches, informal get-togethers - that allow you to share your experiences and insights with other members and working archaeologists.
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August 2014 Letter from the President                      
For comments or suggestions, send a letter to President: Minnesota Archaeological Society, Ft. Snelling Center, St. Paul, Minnesota  55111 or email For comments or suggestions, send a letter to President: Minnesota Archaeological Society, Ft. Snelling Center, St. Paul, Minnesota  55111 or email Mt September 2014 Letter from the President
Occasional Publications: During the June meeting, Dr. Ron Schirmer, Mankato State University, proposed a joint publication titled Red Wing, Minnesota Archaeology. Dr. Schirmer provided a draft Table of Contents, with status notes on each paper already collected, as he has been working on this volume for some time. He is currently waiting for some authors to complete their drafts. Dr. Schirmer indicated that he has funding available toward publication costs and was also considering applying for a Legacy grant. The Board of Directors agreed that we could publish this as an Occasional Publication, and if we do, late 2015 would be the most likely print date.
Let it be known that the Minnesota Archaeological Society is alive and well, but I have been remiss in  reporting. For the past several months The Minnesota Archaeological Society’s Board of Directors has  met at Ft. Snelling at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each mouth. All meetings sustained attendance  to constitute a quorum. Significant if routine business came before the board at each meeting.   MnArch: The 2014 addition of the Minnesota Archaeologist is on track and is scheduled for mailing by the end  of this year.  Minnesota Archaeology Week: Minnesota Archaeology Week will be held September 13 through 21. A calendar of events will be  posted on the Office of the State Archaeologist website, this website, and copies will be mailed to  members.  National Archaeology Day: The advent of the first National Archaeology Day was announced at the August meeting and is set for  October 18, 2014. Owing to the short notice and subsequent lack of time for preparation, the  Minnesota Archaeological Society will only be promoting this through newsletters and posts.
The Minnesota Archaeological Society’s Board of Directors met on September 2, 2014 at Ft. Snelling at 7:00 p.m. All members but one were in attendance; significant issues were discussed. MnArch: The publication calendar of the Minnesota Archaeologist was discussed at the September meeting. There has been a recurring problem in publishing MnArch on an annual schedule. There are conflicting priorities between the current schedule, the end of each year, and the archaeological field season, ending mid to late fall, the concern being that submitters and editors are not given enough time to meet a calendar year deadline. One proposed solution was to set a publication deadline date near the end of the first quarter if the following year, so that, for example, the 2014 issue would be printed in March of 2015, allowing a more realistic schedule for participation by professional authors and editors. The Board would like to hear from the membership on this proposal before making any decisions. Comments about the date of publication of MnArch and what it means to you should be sent to the email address below. We are eager to hear from you. Frequency of Board meetings:   The question of the need to maintain a rigid monthly meeting schedule was also brought before the Board.  There are occasions where little business, other than standard reports, are addressed at our monthly meetings. There are also members of the Board who drive considerable distances to attend these meetings. Consequently, is there a need to hold a meeting when little business is before the board?     The by-laws of the Minnesota Archaeological Society state in “ARTICLE IV – MEETINGS - Section 3: A regular Board of Directors meeting shall be held monthly, unless designated otherwise by the Directors.” The conclusion of this discussion was that a non-formal online meeting can be held for the approval of standard business items, when appropriate. It was also agreed that no more than two consecutive on- line meetings will be held. If this situation arises, a formal round table meeting will be held at Ft. Snelling on the third month. Additionally, please note that ALL Board of Directors meetings are open to the general membership. If you wish to attend, please forward your intent to my email address below or contact any Board member you know to ascertain if there is a formal meeting planned for your date. Minnesota Archaeology Week: Minnesota Archaeology Week runs from September 13 through September 21, 2014. See the calendar of events posted at the Office of the State Archaeologist or visit links, this web site. National Archaeology Day: October18, 2014 Nifty Quotes:  “WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL BUT AFTER THAT, IT IS UP TO YOU”.  Harley Davidson Ad Visit us on Facebook
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