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Welcome to the Minnesota Archaeological Society Website! The Minnesota Archaeological Society (MAS) invites you to share with us exciting discoveries from Minnesota's past. The Society, established in 1936, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and study of archaeological resources in the Upper Midwest. All persons with an interest in archaeology - those just beginning to explore the field as well as avocational archaeologists and professionals - are welcome. MAS is a doing organization. Members volunteer their time and energy to participate in Society programs, helping to protect Minnesota's rich heritage and learning something about themselves in the process. Society activities include:  
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The MAS Thunderbird Curious about our logo? The inscriptions on the right are from a 1,000-year-old pot that was discovered in 1957 near Red Wing, Minnesota by an MAS member. The thunderbird motif is representative of Middle Mississippian iconography. 
- Slide lectures on current fieldwork and research in archaeology, anthropology and history. Past topics have included Minnesota's Old Copper Culture and ethnoarchaeology in East Africa. - Classes in fieldwork methods and artifact analysis, taught by professional archaeologists from government and private organizations. - Opportunities to take part in field projects sponsored by MAS and other Minnesota organizations. - Field trips to important archaeological sites, such as Jeffers Petroglyphs in western Minnesota and Effigy Mounds National Park in Iowa. - Participation in special events such as Minnesota Archaeology Week and the Midwest Archaeological Conference. - Social events - potluck dinners, brown-bag lunches, informal get-togethers - that allow you to share your experiences and insights with other members and working archaeologists.
/ For comments or suggestions, send a letter to President: Minnesota Archaeological Society, Ft. Snelling Center, St. Paul, Minnesota  55111 or email Mt
Winter 2016 -  Letter from the President                                                                     The letter from the President is intended as a vehicle to inform the general membership of the Min- nesota Archaeological Society of recent Board of Directors activities. The following is a brief recap of the events, discussions, and decisions that transpired during the past quarter. Fall Events: Two archaeology events open to public viewing were held during the month of September. Minne- sota Archaeology Week, Archaeology Fair, September 13, and Kathio State Park Archaeology Day, September 26. Both events were considered a great success. Board Changes: Over the several months since the last newsletter, several changes have been made to the Board. First, our Treasurer, Robert Hensley, has accepted a promotion and transfer to Denver, Colorado and has resigned to move from the Twin Cities in February. Our many thanks to Robert, who served his year in office with distinction by updating our financials to electronic status. The Board, at discuss- ing a replacement for the future, agreed to ask recently recruited Audit Committee Member Bob Suchanek to fill the position; Bob has agreed and been voted to membership on the Board as our new Treasurer. Welcome, Bob! Which of course, leaves us once again with an empty Audit Com- mitee, which I here advertise to the membership once more: anyone interested in auditing MAS books once a year (they are very small books) please contact me. The bylaws call for a minimum of a two-member committee consisting of non-Board members who will go over our Treasurer’s work just one time at the end of the year. We have also voted Amy Ollila, Archaeological Field Technician at the Minnesota Historical Society, to a seat on the Board. Welcome Amy! Annual Meeting and Elections: Our Annual Dinner Meeting will be held this year on Friday, April 22, 2016, again at Hamline Uni- versity. You will receive a mailing with full details closer to the date. This is an election year and will be the last election over which I will preside, as I am stepping down from the position of Presi- dent of the Society now and for the future. I have had many good years representing MAS but, after six terms in a row, I believe it is time to bow out. We will be devising a slate of officers for present members to vote on at this meeting, so if you want to nominate anyone for any of the two-year posi- tions President, Vice President, or Secretary, please do let me know as soon as possible and they will appear on the voting roster. This year, as we have just nominated and obtained a new Treasurer, that position will not stand for election. Rod Johnson: President Nifty Quotes: “Wouldn't it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes; come out wrinkle-free and three sizes smaller.” (Unknown) Visit us on Facebook
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