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Welcome to the Minnesota Archaeological Society Website! The Minnesota Archaeological Society (MAS) invites you to share with us exciting discoveries from Minnesota's past. The Society, established in 1936, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and study of archaeological resources in the Upper Midwest. All persons with an interest in archaeology - those just beginning to explore the field as well as avocational archaeologists and professionals - are welcome. MAS is a doing organization. Members volunteer their time and energy to participate in Society programs, helping to protect Minnesota's rich heritage and learning something about themselves in the process. Society activities include:  
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The MAS Thunderbird Curious about our logo? The inscriptions on the right are from a 1,000-year-old pot that was discovered in 1957 near Red Wing, Minnesota by an MAS member. The thunderbird motif is representative of Middle Mississippian iconography. 
- Slide lectures on current fieldwork and research in archaeology, anthropology and history. Past topics have included Minnesota's Old Copper Culture and ethnoarchaeology in East Africa. - Classes in fieldwork methods and artifact analysis, taught by professional archaeologists from government and private organizations. - Opportunities to take part in field projects sponsored by MAS and other Minnesota organizations. - Field trips to important archaeological sites, such as Jeffers Petroglyphs in western Minnesota and Effigy Mounds National Park in Iowa. - Participation in special events such as Minnesota Archaeology Week and the Midwest Archaeological Conference. - Social events - potluck dinners, brown-bag lunches, informal get-togethers - that allow you to share your experiences and insights with other members and working archaeologists.
/ For comments or suggestions, send a letter to President: Minnesota Archaeological Society, Ft. Snelling Center, St. Paul, Minnesota  55111 or email Mt
Winter 2017 -  Letter from the President                                                                                                                             
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The letter from the President is intended as a vehicle to inform the general membership of the Minnesota Archaeological Society of recent Board of Directors activities. The following is a brief recap of the events, discussions, and decisions that transpired during the past quarter. Winter and Spring Events: Surprisingly winter has become a very active time for Archaeology in Minnesota. Our Professional Archaeologist board members have come in from the field to avoid frostbite. We have planned a season of interaction and outreach. We are excited to report that we received a Minnesota Legacy Grant to support our project entitled “Critical Thinking and Science in Minnesota Archaeology”. Our intent is to develop programming that highlights how the scientific process is used in Minnesota Archaeology. We are honored to partner with Twin Cities Public  Television on the script and video production. Jeremy Neinow will serve as the Project Manager. The Council for Minnesota Archaeology, CMA, will have its biennial meeting on February 24 and 25 at Hamline University. The Minnesota Archaeological Society, MAS, will sponsor a symposium on Critical Thinking and Science in Archaeology. We will also sponsor a social hour at the end of the day on Friday. Our Annual Dinner Meeting will be held at Hamline University on April 21st. Our Guest Speaker will be Seth DePasqual who is the Isle Royal National Parks Archaeologist. Since 2012, the cultural resource program at Isle Royale National Park has focused on the island’s Nipissing beach, a relict Lake Superior shoreline dating to approximately 5,000 BP.  The Nipissing is a contemporary of Archaic-period cultures, who may have been involved in copper mining and tool manufacturing on Isle Royale. The Lake Superior Basin Workshop will be held March 17 and 18 at Grand Portage National Monument. The Workshop is a unique opportunity for Archaeologists in Canada and the U. S. to meet and discuss past cultures who recognized no boarder. On March 25 th The Gopher State Archaeological Society will meet at the Steel County Historical Society in Owatonna. Local artifacts will be displayed and there will be lots of opportunity for sharing information on Minnesota Archaeology. Board Changes: We have had some changes to the Minnesota Archaeological Society Board since our Annual Meeting last spring. We will use this year’s annual meeting to affirm the interim appointments of LeRoy Gonsior to Vice President and Rod Johnson to Treasurer. MAS Goals: The Board has set goals for the coming year of catching up on our Minnesota Archaeologist publication schedule, make better use of our web and Facebook sites, plan a calendar of outreach opportunities and expand membership. Visit us on Facebook Dan Wendt: President