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Welcome to the Minnesota Archaeological Society Website! The Minnesota Archaeological Society (MAS) invites you to share with us exciting discoveries from Minnesota's past. The Society, established in 1936, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and study of archaeological resources in the Upper Midwest. All persons with an interest in archaeology - those just beginning to explore the field as well as avocational archaeologists and professionals - are welcome. MAS members volunteer their time and energy to participate in Society programs, helping to protect Minnesota's rich heritage and learning something about themselves in the process.  
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The MAS Thunderbird Curious about our logo? The inscriptions on the right are from a 1,000-year-old pot that was discovered in 1957 near Red Wing, Minnesota by an MAS member. The thunderbird motif is representative of Middle Mississippian iconography. 
Social Activies include: - Slide lectures on current fieldwork and research in archaeology, anthropology and history. Past topics have included Minnesota's Old Copper Culture and ethnoarchaeology in East Africa. - Opportunities to take part in field projects sponsored by MAS and other Minnesota organizations. - Field trips to important archaeological sites, such as Jeffers Petroglyphs in western Minnesota and Effigy Mounds National Park in Iowa. - Participation in special events such as Minnesota Archaeology Week and the Midwest Archaeological Conference. - Social events - potluck dinners, brown-bag lunches, informal get-togethers - that allow you to share your experiences and insights with other members and working archaeologists.
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Fall 2020 - Letter from the President The letter from the President is intended as a vehicle to inform the general membership of the Minnesota Archaeological Society of recent Board of Directors activities. The following is a brief recap of the events, discussions, and decisions that transpired during the past quarter and future plans. We are pleased to announce that Anna Morrow is the 2020 recipient of the Hill - Lewis Award for her significant contributions to Minnesota Archaeology. Anna has been a long-term volunteer at the Science Museum of Minnesota, and prior to that the Institute for Minnesota Archaeology. She has been an active member of MAS for 35 years and has served on the board in roles including Secretary and Membership Chair. We are pleased to recognize her contributions and dedication with this award. After nearly two decades of contributions to the MAS Editorial Board and a decade as our Lead Editor, Kent Bakken will be retiring from that position. The MAS board would like to thank Kent for his hard work and commitment to quality content and editing. He has left a durable and meaningful legacy of his contributions to the Minnesota Archaeologist. We are welcoming a new Lead Editor, Danielle Kiesow. Danielle has been on our editorial staff for the last two years working toward this transition. We are excited about the new ideas and energy that Danielle has brought to the journal. We welcome Danielle to this important role that is central to the mission of MAS. The Volume 76 issue (originally due 2017) of the Minnesota Archaeologist is currently being shipped. You will notice the copywrite publication date is 2020 to reflect the fact of publication on that date and make clear the citation date. The Volume 77 issue (originally due 2018) has articles submitted, is currently in editing, and will be shipped later this year. Thank you for your patience. We are working hard to catch up. Thank you to our authors who provide the content that makes the journal possible. Please consider publishing your papers with us. We will need additional content to catch up with our publishing schedule. We are working on our publishing process to better serve this key purpose for MAS. September is Archaeology Month in Minnesota and we are planning to participate in a series of online events and demonstrations to replace our normal community events. Please follow our web and Facebook page for the schedule.  Our MAS Annual Dinner Meeting has been cancelled due to the virus and will be replaced by a virtual meeting in September. Initial details are in this newsletter. Please follow updates on our web site and Facebook page. Thank you to Hamline University for being flexible in rescheduling and then cancelling our meeting. We hope to be back at the wonderful venue at Hamline next year for our 2021 annual meeting. See below for information about our 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting! .                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Announcing Volume 79 of The Minnesota Archaeologist   Virtual Annual Meeting on September 29th, 2020 from 7:00-8:00pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
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