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Current Issue: Spring (Jan-Mar) 2021 Issue contains: Profile: Zooarchaeo Consulting, Letter from the President, Thor Olmanson (1959-2020), The Minnesota Archaeologist - Call for Papers, Thank You Longtime MnArch Editor Kent Bakken, Tinkling Cone Found at Ft. Ridgely State Park Winter (Oct-Dec) 2020 Issue contains: Meet Tom Stewart - Muralist and MAS Member, Letter from the President, Call for Nominations: MAS 2021 Hill-Lewis Award, MAS Logo Change, Council for Minnesota Symposium Call for Sessions, Papers, and Posters, The Anthropocene Fall (Jul-Sept) 2020 Issue contains: Join US (Virtually) for a Panel Discussion of Bound by Earth, MAS @ AmazonSmile, Letter from the President, Anna Morrow Receives Minnesota Archaeological Society’s 2020 Hill-Lewis Award, Minnesota Archaeology Month (Now Virtual), Minnesota Archaeologist Update Summer (Apr-Jun) 2020 Issue contains: Meet Jennifer Rankin, New Head of Archaeology at MNHS, Letter from the President, In Memorian LeRoy Gonsior, In Memorian Guy Gibbon Spring (Jan-Mar) 2020 Issue contains: Boiling Arch Archaeology, Letter from the President, Minnesota Archaeology Events, Bound by Earth: Archaeology in Minnesota, Minnesota Archaeological Society Annual Dinner and Meeting Winter (Oct-Dec) 2019 Issue contains: Art of Seeing, Letter from the President, In Memory of Pat Emerson, 2019 Kathio Archaeology Day, MAS Hill-Lewis Award 2020 Call for Nominations, Minnesota Obsidian, Snowshoeing into the Past Fall (Jul-Sept) 2019 Issue contains: History Matters Day Recap, Letter from the President, Archaeology Month Events, In Memory of Christina Harrison, Kathio Ceramics from Alexander Lake Summer (Apr-June) 2019  Issue contains: MAS Dinner Recap, Letter from the President, Hill-Lewis Award 2019 Announcement, In Memory of Rod Johnson, Announcements, Archaeology Program at Mille Lacs Katio State Park, The Minnesota Archaeologist Publishing Update, Cambria Ceramics (1000-1300 AD) from the Cambria Site Technology Spring (Jan-Mar) 2019 Issue contains: History Matters-Call to Action, Letter from the President, Hill-Lewis Award 2019 Announcement, 2019 Lake Superior Basin Workshop, Announcements, MAS Annual Dinner, In Memory: Toby Morrow, Pitted Anvilstones are Technological Markers of Bipolar Lithic Technology Fall (Oct-Dec) 2018 Issue contains: Three Questions: Dr. Michael Nowak, Letter from the President, CMA Symposium - Call for Sessions, Papers, and Posters, It It an Artifact? by Bob Suchanek, Event Update: Archaeology Fair & Archaeology Day, Interesting Oneota Vessel from Lake Mille Lacs Summer (July-September) 2018 Issue contains; Minnesota Archaeological Society Hill-Lewis Award, A Tribute to Rhoda R Gilman (1927-2018), Minnesota Archaeology Month-September 2018, Report on Minnesota Archaeology Day 2017, Hannaford Vessel from Lake Bemidji State Park Spring (March-May) 2018 Issue contains; MAS Annual Meeting and Dinner, Letter from the President, Upcoming Events, Pareidolia, Persistence, and Provenience, The Art of Making an Archaeology Documentary - Part 1, Three Questions with Dr. Sean Dunham (CNF Archaeologist), Featured Artifact: Lake Bemidji Point  Dec 2017-Feb 2018  Issue contains; A Brief History of an Archaeological Illustrator, Letter from the President, Upcoming Events, 4 Questions with John Reynolds, Hill-Lewis Award: Call for Nominations, Featured Artifact: Gunflints Fall (July-September) 2017  Issue contains; Dan Wendt (MAS President) Receives Crabtree Award, Letter from the President, Archaeology Month Events, Thank You to Jim Cummings, Featured Artifact: Drills Summer (April-June) 2017  Issue contains: The Amelia Earhart Mystery: 80 Years On, Upcoming Events, Recently Held Events, Keith Manthie, Archaeologist, Douglas A. Birk Memorial, Stephen Mulholland Memorial, Featured Artifact: Avonlea Projectile Point from Blue Mounds State Park Spring (January-March) 2017 Issue contains: MAS Annual Meeting and Dinner, Letter from the President, Upcoming Events, Council for Minnesota Archaeology, Leech Lake Heritage Sites Program, Tom Sanders Retirement, Featured Artifact: Havanoid Sherd October-December 2016 Issue contains: Archaeology at Stone Saloon, Letter from the President, Announcements, Three Questions, Fall Time Events, Thank You to Debbie Schoenholz, Featured Artifact: Dalton Adze Summer 2016  Issue contains: Gonsier and Cummings Retire, Amanda Gronhovd, Archaeology Week, MAS Annual Meeting, Archaeology @ Vadnais Lake, New Technology at Konkle Cave, Robert Boszhardt Winter 2016  Issue contains: Annual Meeting, Rhoda Gilman, Letter from the President, Winter Solstice, Kathio Archaeology Day, Dates to Remember, Jeffrey Paul Tordoff 1947-2015, Anfinson Retires, Verlmilion Updates Summer 2015 Issue contains: 1,000 Year-Old Seeds, Swede Hollow, Letter from the President, Dates to Remember, Stearns County Archaeology Day Camp Spring 2015  Issue contains: Fort Snelling Inventory Project, Letter from the President, Historical Society Collaborative, Dates to Remember, MAS 2015 Annual Meeting Winter 2015  Issue contains: Snowshoeing to Petaga Point, Letter from the President, MAS 2015 Annual Meeting, Dates to Remember, Lake Superior Basin Workshop, 2015 CMA Conference Fall 2014  Issue contains: Archaeology Fair, In Memory of Alan Woolworth, Central States Anthropology Meeting info Spring 2014  Issue contains: A Multicomponent Site on MN River Valley, Rhoda Gilman Honored, Archaeology & Oil Go Boom in ND Winter 2014 Issue contains: Uncovering the Past in Minnesota, Lithics Materials Workship, In Memory of Douglas C. George Fall 2013 Issue contains: MN Archaeology Fair, Letter From President, Video Lending Library, Archaeology Day at Mille Lacs Kathio Spring 2013 Issue contains: Minnesota’s precontact cultures, Annual Dinner Meeting, Society for Industrial Archaeology Conference Fall 2012 Issue contains: Archaeology of the Central Mpls Riverfront, 2012 Archaeology Fair, 2013 Council for Mn Archaeology Symposium Summer 2012 Issue contains: Review of Across Atlantic Ice, Portrait of the Cave Artist, the 2012 Annual Meeting overview, historic travel route Winter 2012  Issue contains: A look back into MAS History, MAS Annual Dinner Meeting details, The First First Americans Fall 2011  Issue contains: A look back into MAS History, A Mille Lacs History Lesson: One Short Chapter At A Time, Past MAS Covers Summer 2011  Issue contains: Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Project, Preservation of Pilot Knob/Oheyawahi, Archaeology Site At Pig Point Spring 2011  Issue contains: Investigating the Earliest Human Occupation of MN, 11,500-year old Bones Of Child Found, 2011 Annual Meeting Winter 2011  Issue contains: Widespread Looting Is Ravaging Indian Ruins, 2011 CMA Call for Papers/ Posters, Soar With The Eagles S.O.A.R. Fall 2010  Issue contains: Knife Lake Research Presented At Macalester, Unearthing Our Prehistoric Past, 2011 CMA Call for Papers/ Posters Summer 2010  Issue contains: Kensington Stone, Hidatsa Pottery Fire Site, Oldest Leather Shoe, 10,000-year-old Wooden Hunting Weapon Spring 2010 Issue contains: MAS Annual Meeting Info, Lithic Materials Workshop, Upcoming Flintknapping Demos, 2009 Journal News Winter 2010 Issue contains: Knife Lake Quarries, Lithic Materials Workshop, National Park Service’s 2010 Archaeological Prospection Workshop Summer 2009 Issue contains: Hamline University’s Aniakchak Archaeology Project, Legacy Funds Will Benefit Archaeology Winter/Spring 2009 Issue contains: MAS Annual Meeting and Lecture, Rock Art of the Upper Mississippi River Valley’s Driftless Area, Legacy Act Late Summer 2008 Issue contains: Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Project Update, A Short History of Minnesota Statehood Early Summer 2008 Issue contains: Hudson-Meng Site, Officer Elections, Hennepin County History Museum Spring 2008 Issue contains: Digging up Whiskey Row Talk, Mike Budak Memorial Fund, 50 Years of the Minnesota Archaeologist Summer 2007 Issue contains: Digging up Whiskey Row, MAS Annual Meeting Recap and Photos Spring 2007 Issue contains: CMA Symposium, MAS Annual Meeting Info, St. Cloud State University Sponsors New Graduate Program
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