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Stay Current with Society Publications Disseminating knowledge is a vital part of the Society's mission. All members receive The Minnesota Archaeologist, an annual journal containing illustrated articles on ancient Native American culture, the history of European settlement and the latest archaeological techniques. MnArch, found in the libraries of dozens of respected cultural institutions in the U.S. and Canada, has been continuously published since 1936. The MAS Newsletter and regular mailings keep you informed about current digs and research projects, volunteer opportunities, upcoming lectures and field trips, and the activities of fellow members. The Society also publishes books on Ojibway and Dakota culture, major excavations, archaeological methodology and other topics.   Downloads MN Archaeologist 1935-1989 CD/DVD Order Form  MN Archaeologist 1935-2005 Flash Drive Order Form Please contact Kent Bakken with questions or submissions to MnArch. 2010 MNArch Table of Contents 2009 MNArch Table of Contents 2008 MNArch Table of Contents 2003 MNArch Table of Contents  Author-Title Index of All Minnesota Archaeologist Articles Thanks to the hard work of MAS member Randy Blasus, we are able to provide here a new index of all our journal articles, stretching from 1939 through 2010. Everyone should take a look at it, even if you are not involved in research, just to get a feel for the scope of these publications and gain an appreciation for the work that the Minnesota Archaeological Society has fostered for over seventy years. Without our publishing efforts, so much would have been lost.  We hope you enjoy your trip through our archives and that it will stimulate your imagination and fire your energy for more and better research in the future. Start reading the MAS Newsletter today!  Download a copy below: Current Issue: Dec 2017-Feb 2018 Issue contains; A Brief History of an Archaeological Illustrator, Letter from the President, Upcoming Events, 4 Questions with John Reynolds, Hill-Lewis Award: Call for Nominations, Featured Artifact: Gunflints Fall (July-September) 2017  Issue contains; Dan Wendt (MAS President) Receives Crabtree Award, Letter from the President, Archaeology Month Events, Thank You to Jim Cummings, Featured Artifact: Drills Summer (April-June) 2017  Issue contains: The Amelia Earhart Mystery: 80 Years On, Upcoming Events, Recently Held Events, Keith Manthie, Archaeologist, Douglas A. Birk Memorial, Stephen Mulholland Memorial, Featured Artifact: Avonlea Projectile Point from Blue Mounds State Park Spring (January-March) 2017 Issue contains: MAS Annual Meeting and Dinner, Letter from the President, Upcoming Events, Council for Minnesota Archaeology, Leech Lake Heritage Sites Program, Tom Sanders Retirement, Featured Artifact: Havanoid Sherd October-December 2016 Issue contains: Archaeology at Stone Saloon, Letter from the President, Announcements, Three Questions, Fall Time Events, Thank You to Debbie Schoenholz, Featured Artifact: Dalton Adze Summer 2016  Issue contains: Gonsier and Cummings Retire, Amanda Gronhovd, Archaeology Week, MAS Annual Meeting, Archaeology @ Vadnais Lake, New Technology at Konkle Cave, Robert Boszhardt Winter 2016  Issue contains: Annual Meeting, Rhoda Gilman, Letter from the President, Winter Solstice, Kathio Archaeology Day, Dates to Remember, Jeffrey Paul Tordoff 1947-2015, Anfinson Retires, Verlmilion Updates Summer 2015 Issue contains: 1,000 Year-Old Seeds, Swede Hollow, Letter from the President, Dates to Remember, Stearns County Archaeology Day Camp Spring 2015  Issue contains: Fort Snelling Inventory Project, Letter from the President, Historical Society Collaborative, Dates to Remember, MAS 2015 Annual Meeting Winter 2015  Issue contains: Snowshoeing to Petaga Point, Letter from the President, MAS 2015 Annual Meeting, Dates to Remember, Lake Superior Basin Workshop, 2015 CMA Conference Fall 2014  Issue contains: Archaeology Fair, In Memory of Alan Woolworth, Central States Anthropology Meeting info Spring 2014  Issue contains: A Multicomponent Site on MN River Valley, Rhoda Gilman Honored, Archaeology & Oil Go Boom in ND Winter 2014 Issue contains: Uncovering the Past in Minnesota, Lithics Materials Workship, In Memory of Douglas C. George Fall 2013 Issue contains: MN Archaeology Fair, Letter From President, Video Lending Library, Archaeology Day at Mille Lacs Kathio Spring 2013 Issue contains: Minnesota’s precontact cultures, Annual Dinner Meeting, Society for Industrial Archaeology Conference Fall 2012 Issue contains: Archaeology of the Central Mpls Riverfront, 2012 Archaeology Fair, 2013 Council for Mn Archaeology Symposium Summer 2012 Issue contains: Review of Across Atlantic Ice, Portrait of the Cave Artist, the 2012 Annual Meeting overview, historic travel route Winter 2012  Issue contains: A look back into MAS History, MAS Annual Dinner Meeting details, The First First Americans Fall 2011  Issue contains: A look back into MAS History, A Mille Lacs History Lesson: One Short Chapter At A Time, Past MAS Covers Summer 2011  Issue contains: Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Project, Preservation of Pilot Knob/Oheyawahi, Archaeology Site At Pig Point Spring 2011  Issue contains: Investigating the Earliest Human Occupation of MN, 11,500-year old Bones Of Child Found, 2011 Annual Meeting Winter 2011  Issue contains: Widespread Looting Is Ravaging Indian Ruins, 2011 CMA Call for Papers/ Posters, Soar With The Eagles S.O.A.R. Fall 2010  Issue contains: Knife Lake Research Presented At Macalester, Unearthing Our Prehistoric Past, 2011 CMA Call for Papers/ Posters Summer 2010  Issue contains: Kensington Stone, Hidatsa Pottery Fire Site, Oldest Leather Shoe, 10,000-year-old Wooden Hunting Weapon Spring 2010 Issue contains: MAS Annual Meeting Info, Lithic Materials Workshop, Upcoming Flintknapping Demos, 2009 Journal News Winter 2010 Issue contains: Knife Lake Quarries, Lithic Materials Workshop, National Park Service’s 2010 Archaeological Prospection Workshop Summer 2009 Issue contains: Hamline University’s Aniakchak Archaeology Project, Legacy Funds Will Benefit Archaeology Winter/Spring 2009 Issue contains: MAS Annual Meeting and Lecture, Rock Art of the Upper Mississippi River Valley’s Driftless Area, Legacy Act Late Summer 2008 Issue contains: Elliot Park Neighborhood Archaeology Project Update, A Short History of Minnesota Statehood Early Summer 2008 Issue contains: Hudson-Meng Site, Officer Elections, Hennepin County History Museum Spring 2008 Issue contains: Digging up Whiskey Row Talk, Mike Budak Memorial Fund, 50 Years of the Minnesota Archaeologist Summer 2007 Issue contains: Digging up Whiskey Row, MAS Annual Meeting Recap and Photos Spring 2007 Issue contains: CMA Symposium, MAS Annual Meeting Info, St. Cloud State University Sponsors New Graduate Program  
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